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Last week in the first article on the writing of academic papers we began to talk about those tips, guidelines and issues of various kinds that have to be taken into account when writing an academic paper. As we have already mentioned, it is important to take into account, first of all, what kind of text we are going to write and how we are going to do it, that is, taking into account spelling issues quotes, text layout, footers, etc. and style. Well, in this article we expand the list of useful and essential questions when writing.

Use Bibliography Managers

If you are managing a considerable amount of bibliography to write your work, perhaps you could use a bibliographic manager to have the references well located and, at the same time, be able to create a database with the bibliography used for future research. In addition, some of these applications allow you to import bibliographic references available on the Internet for example, in online databases, library catalogs or Google Scholar as well as to link them to the appointment system that we have decided to use.

Google Scholar And Google Books

To be sure that the content we are consulting is rigorous and specialized, the best we can use is Google Scholar. Many of the documents that appear in the searches can be consulted and are available in pdf format. We can also filter the searches according to the year in which the documents have been published, in case we want to find the most recent or updated information on the subject we are working on. Also, it should be noted that we can automatically generate references in MLA, APA and ISO 690, in addition to offering the possibility of incorporating it into our work through bibliographic managers. A visit to https://paper-help.online/ can be helpful now.

Another useful tool is Google Books, as we can consult some sections of books available in preview. Sometimes it can save us from a hurry if by some chance we cannot have the book in physical format. However, it should be noted that in some cases Google books appear without page numbering; This can be problematic when quoting if a citation system is followed in which the page is specified, as in APA excerpts from such books, because we cannot specify on which page it is located. And remember: including false data in a job is considered academic fraud and is sanctioned by universities.

Incorporate Summary At The Beginning Of The Work

Adding a summary or abstract at the beginning of academic work depends largely on its length and the type of text we are going to write. If it is a thesis, a thesis or an end-of-degree project, it is usual that a summary appears before the introduction, in which we briefly explain what are the main lines of our work, as well as the analysis carried out and the conclusions reached. Immediately after the summary several keywords are usually added on the field we are working on. To consult some of these keywords we can use thesauri such as CINDOC (Center for Information and Scientific Documentation). It is advisable that, at most, 5 keywords or keywords be mentioned.