What are the Top 10 criteria you should keep in mind when you decide to find tutor?  Let’s look at these ten criteria in detail:

  1. Make sure an online tutor is qualified to teach the subject or language you are seeking to learn or perfect. Review their background and credentials. Or ensure the website staff have verified all of the credentials for you.
  2. Check out the tutor’s level of experience in tutelage. This information is typically listed in their profile.
  3. If the site features individual ratings or reviews, take a moment to look at these. It’s important to see how other students have rated specific teachers.
  4. Book a free trial session if available. Free trial sessions make it easy for you to determine if the instructor in whom you are interested is a good match.
  5. Sometimes tutors feature a video introduction on com or in their profile. Watch their videos and get an idea of their personal styles and their language skills.
  6. If there is social media for the site or for the individual teacher you are considering, be sure to peruse their social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to glean important information before you make your final decision. You know the adage – A picture is worth a thousand words!
  7. Check the general schedule of a potential instructor in relation to your time zone to be sure he or she is available when you are. Teachers are often geo-pinpointed around the globe, not necessarily in your exact time zone, but as long as you can coordinate your sessions, no location is too remote!
  8. Review the payment structure for the lessons you seek. Some websites make you subscribe to an expensive learning program, while others make you pay hefty monthly subscription fees.  The most equitable option is where you pay for the lessons you take!
  9. Review how you can pay for the lessons you desire – via credit card, electronic payment methods such as Paypal, cryptocurrency, etc. You want to be sure that the method you plan to use to pay for your lessons is accepted by the enterprise you select.
  10. Contact your prospective teacher via email or message through the website with any questions you have and see if their responses are prompt and focused on your needs. Think of this as a test of their general responsiveness.

Now that we have explored all of the important criteria in detail to help you find tutor, you are sure to find the best to fulfill your learning needs.