Spanning to Light Updates, Study And Knowledge of Science in Bengali Language

Spanning to Light Updates

Reputing on 21st century, civilization for obvious reasons, has been accomplishing an elongated history of science, i.e. scientific methodology towards critical knowledge. In the ancient ages of general wisdom, subjects like science and humanities were not sundered by means of observation of nature. Even in 18th century, Goethe challenged Isaac Newton, one of the supreme science icons, on the subject of light and colour. In India, knowledge on both parts was dissolved to each other for an eternity of time. Primeval Vedic scholar Herambachandra used Fibonacci series in one of his rhythmic structure, far before than Fibonacci himself. We, decadents of that great primordial human race, traversing science study to the readers through, in Bengali language. The language Bengali, the land of Bengal, after the mediaeval phrase, had flourished in every aspect of culture. And general science study was an inevitable part of it. Bengal, the land of greatness, has produced geniuses like Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, Meghnad Saha, and Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. Perceptive to the philosophy of science, cosmic knowledge of Rabindranath Tagore took him to the greatest of science, Albert Einstein. If we just take a break from the illustrious history of that epoch, we still have much to speak about. Several distinguished institutions are satisfying dreams of independent India to the moon, and now onto the mars, even to the darkest mysteries of subatomic universe. In Kolkata, the heart of Bengal, several theoretical and technical institutions are encouraging fresh brains to this field of science study. Scientists from India are collaborating with international bodies of speculative studies, scattered in every parts of the world. But, language English apposite to be the global language has capitalised in every section of comparative studies, of science or of humanities. For the Bengalis, the contemporary trend of augmenting knowledge in any field is going with the help of English. Team Bigyanbhash thinks this fate to a certain extent is obligatory. But, if there is volition, there must be an approach. The challenge is sturdy. But we too are giving our heart and soul to this project. A vision is to aspire to young minds of Bengal to cultivate science in their native lingo. বা??,লা ভাষায় বিজ্ঞান চর্চা Team Bigyanbhash is amalgamating with celebrated academic bodies like Princeton University, Uppsala University, The Geological Society of London, NIMBIOS, and University of Lincoln and many others. Detailed news, thorough studies, analytical articles and a resourceful knowledge on science study are being presented in Bengali language by BigyanBhash to the concerned. Further, we are yielding varieties of bravura photographs to our readers on the study of science. Those breathtaking photos, collected globally, can surely provoke your thoughts on baffling wisdom of our universe. Tangible demonstrations of these science studies are delivered to the Bengali readers with proper ancillaries like photographs and statistics.